Happy Wellderly Day!

How We Keep Our Seniors Well

March 20th is Wellderly Day, a national holiday celebrating seniors, their health, and their happiness. When so much of our society says that getting older is something to fear, Wellderly Day asserts that we should embrace our golden years, making the most of them with happiness and humor.

At Maple Ridge, we heartily endorse Wellderly Day, and we believe that our society should invest more in the wellness and joy of our seniors. Our community values seniors and ensures they experience life to the fullest, no matter their age. 

Keeping our seniors well is a priority for us. Take a look at a few of the ways we achieve this!

A Full Social Calendar

We pack every month full of activities to keep our seniors engaged and happy. From bingo, gardening, and game nights to manicures, knitting, trivia, happy hour, and movie nights, we have a full slate of clubs and activities encouraging residents to stay physically active, mentally sharp, and socially involved. Activities change from day to day and from month to month in tune with the weather, seasons, and what’s going on in the world.

Compassionate Memory Care

Memory loss comes with numerous challenges, and the staff members of Maple Ridge are fully equipped to meet them. We have RNs, LPNs, nurses’ aides, certified dementia practitioners, and a geropsychiatrist on staff.

Another way we provide nurturing care to residents with memory loss is through AspireCare. This lifestyle and therapy program uses predictable, consistent routines to provide a comforting structure to our residents. We’ve built mental and physical exercises into the rhythm of life to help our residents improve their wellness holistically. Whatever our residents need to enjoy life to the fullest, we are here to provide it in abundance.

A Host of Amenities

Maple Ridge is more than just an assisted living community. We offer comfortable residences, sunny courtyards, travel to nearby areas, homemade food (often from locally sourced ingredients), and so much more. Plus, we have an emergency call system to protect residents and ensure that the care they need is only a quick call away.

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This Wellderly Day, make sure you appreciate the seniors in your life! If you would like more information about how we provide the perfect environment where residents can thrive, call us today. We would be happy to show you around Maple Ridge and demonstrate how we celebrate seniors on Wellderly Day and every other day of the year.

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