Health and Wellness at Maple Ridge

As a Maple Ridge resident, you will receive your care from our own team of dedicated associates. The nurses and aides who make up the core of the wellness team are a special breed of person who have serving seniors as their passion. We have aides available in the building twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, as well as many hours of nursing staff to meet the wellness needs of our residents. At Maple Ridge, and all Hallbridge communities, we hire people who believe in implementing our Core Values of care, service and dignity each and every day.

All associates are trained before they ever give care, and then on a yearly basis their training is refreshed and added to with many in-services. The safety and wellness of all of our residents is our first priority, and all associates know their role in making that goal a reality.

Our dedication to serving our residents often goes above and beyond, and we recognize and applaud that. Ask any associate if you need something, and they will see to it that your request gets to the person that can assist!

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