The Importance of Regular Visits for Seniors with Memory Loss

Whether you have a loved one showing small signs of memory problems or you have a loved one who has severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s, caring for them can be difficult. Caregiving is often physically demanding and emotionally draining since dementia can impact not just memory but mood, personality, and cognitive abilities. At some point, it simply makes sense to turn to a memory care assisted living community specializing in Alzheimer’s and dementia to ensure your loved one gets the care they need.

However, even after your role as the main caregiver has ended, you still can play an important part in your senior loved one’s life. Regular visits can help to make a positive difference for memory care patients, even if the patient can’t recall the specifics of each visit. Keep reading to learn how your visits can help your loved one’s mood and how Maple Ridge provides the right memory care services to keep our residents safe and happy.

Regular Visits Can Improve Memory Care Patients’ Moods, Cognitive Functioning, and More

Memory loss may make it seem as if your visits don’t matter, but they do. According to a study published in Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, “… patients with [Alzheimer’s] can experience prolonged states of emotion that persist well beyond the patients’ memory for the events that originally caused the emotion.” That means that your loved one will hold on to the positive emotions of your visit, even after you leave and they forget the visit itself.

Furthermore, while social isolation can worsen anxiety and depression for seniors, social engagement can lead to better results for those with memory loss. An AARP article states, “… close relationships and large social networks have a beneficial impact on memory and cognitive function as people age.” A memory care community like Maple Ridge can provide a wide social network for your loved one while you maintain your close relationship with them.

Finally, keep in mind that while occasional visits are beneficial, routine visits are even better for anyone with memory loss. A predictable schedule can reduce confusion and anxiety for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases. Knowing when they can expect to see you can help keep your loved one happy and stable.

How Maple Ridge Helps 

At Maple Ridge, we will ensure your aging loved one thrives despite their memory loss. We provide a holistic lifestyle and therapy program along with memory care services designed to keep your loved one engaged and happy. We will take much of the burden of care from you, helping your loved one live a meaningful life surrounded by compassionate dementia care and Alzheimer’s care experts, including RNs, LPNs, nurses’ aides, and a certified dementia practitioner.

If you’ve become discouraged from visits to your aging loved one who has memory loss, just remember the positive impact that your visit will have on them. The way you interact with them may be completely different now, but your visits can still have a huge impact o

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