How Living an “Inspired Life” Benefits Residents and Families

About Maple Ridge Lodge’s Lifestyles & Activities Program

The Inspired Life Program at Maple Ridge Lodge is designed to combine the old with the new, providing a comprehensive buffet of activities and social interactions. Familiar activities are offered along with new experiences to allow residents of our senior housing community to live as full a life as possible.

Learn more about the components of the program, its goals, and how it works in practice to see how living an “inspired life” will help your loved one to make the most of every day they spend here at Maple Ridge Lodge.

The Components of an Inspired Life

There are six parts to our Inspired Life program. They are the following:

●  Physical Wellness

●  Spiritual Wellness

●  Emotional Wellness

●  Social Wellness

●  Intellectual Wellness

●  Occupational Wellness

Together, these six categories cover all areas of a full and enriching life. Residents at Maple Ridge Lodge have the opportunity to participate in activities in each category every week. This keeps them busy, engaged, and having fun!

The Goals of an Inspired Life

The goal of the program is to allow our residents to live their lives to the fullest. We do this by incorporating holistic living environments with socially purposeful activities, allowing residents to be a part of something. The activities are mixed; some require physical activity while others are more relaxing. Best of all, each resident’s program is specifically geared toward their needs. Upon arriving at Maple Ridge Lodge, each resident is asked what they like to do, and we design the resident’s program based on that. In addition to this, there will be parts of the program that will challenge each resident, encouraging them to try something new. 

The Living of an Inspired Life

We color-code all activities on the calendar to make it as easy as possible for residents to know what’s in store for them on a particular day. Some of our more popular activities include Ageless Artists, Chair-Robics, Enriched Life Bird Watchers, The Lodge Culinary Club, Wine Enthusiasts Club, and Bloom and Bud. Residents know what’s coming each week and have ample opportunities to participate in the activities that will help them live a balanced, fulfilling life. Rest assured that no matter what strikes your loved one’s fancy, there’s something for everyone here at Maple Ridge Lodge.

The Inspired Life at Maple Ridge Lodge

Since opening, Maple Ridge Lodge has provided senior housing in Essex, VT. Located in picturesque Essex Junction, our assisted living community is very close to the city of Burlington, VT. If you have an elderly loved one in need of assisted living or memory care, we invite you to contact us to schedule a tour. We have two separate locations – one for assisted living and one for memory care – to better tailor the care of each resident to their needs. Our staff makes sure to attend to everyone while giving residents enough space to be themselves. We look forward to meeting you!

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